Guangzhou women entrepreneurs show and the celebration of the anniversary of women's Club!

Created Date: 2016-08-09 15:22:17

    In the afternoon 3 clock of 18 June 2016, Guangdong People Art Museum was brilliant by crowded with guests. Organized by Boshang women's club, the theme of Chanyue trip · Guangzhou Women Entrepreneurs style show and rich business women's Club anniversary celebration officially kicked off.

Guangzhou Boshang chamber of Commerce executive vice president Mr. Cai Minghui, Guangzhou Boshang commerce women's club secretary Ms. Ying Yan delivered speeches respectively, and Dajia art museum curator Zhang Qingfeng made a welcome speech, together to congratulate Guangzhou Boshang commerce women's Club anniversary has come to a successful conclusion.

The women's club minister and vice minister are granted to certificate of thanks

Our company was granted for a certificate of thanks

The activity were obtained from all directions guest friends blessing, Foshan Boshang commerce's ladies gave Guangzhou Boshang commerce women's Club Gift - Phoenix to express thanks to everyone for attending.

Foshan Boshang ladies gave Guangzhou Boshang commerce women's Club gift - Phoenix

Thanksgiving Mr Shanggu share a speech

Guqin music Guan Ju was played by Mr Xie Dongxiao

Poetry is read by Mr. Liu Jintan

You like the sparkling crystal, 

I love just want to put you in bed. 

You like warm and mellow jade,

Always worn on the neck, 

To miss the tide.

You like deep in the spring, 

In June in the fire,

Put you into my wine pot.

You like snow in the winter,

Warm trippingly back to earth,

When the purity of my soul is. 

You like flowers in the open field,

I silently watching you, 

Stop waving smile.

You like first love couple,

I delighted to find, 

Everything on your face, 

Flush has not dissipated. 

But I do not know which day, 

You become a female entrepreneur you got,

You have to keep pace with the times and the core of tenderness,

Nei you this moment the eyes of less feminine glow,

More of a vast,